Sunday, 5 August 2012

Why I think Peter Jackson is a money grabbing A-hole

3 Hobbit movies? Are you serious?

Ok so I would be ecstatic if I thought they were making 3 The Hobbit films for the sake of being true to the book. Any book to movie adaptation is always going to have things missing. It's just a guarantee. Even a two parter. But that's not the reason for the trilogy. Oh no. Jackson has decided to take world of middle earth and try and make it his own. He's adding things in that are not in the books, and even though some of it is from Tolkien himself a lot of it will be up to Jackson's interpretation and don't get me wrong, he did an amazing job on The Lord of the Rings, but the ONLY FUCKING REASON they are creating a trilogy out of 1 book is so that they can pump it for all the money it's worth. Now instead of having to spend £5-£7 for a cinema ticket to see two films I will have to spend it to see three. That's £15- £24 one films alone, then with all 3 DVD/Blu-rays and then later probably extended editions or limited edition box sets that's a whole fucking lot of money they're trying to get out of something that isn't Jackson's idea. AND, the original creator, Tolkien won't see a penny of that. His family might, but he won't, he's dead and he can't complain. I bet they'll just make more fucking movies out of his other books as well. Can you tell I'm mad?

Sigh. I really wish Del Toro had been able to direct this movie.


  1. I get you point, and I hate when people try to do that, it was like with Twilight and Breaking Dawn needlessly having two parts :/ But you don't HAVE to go see the movie - nobody's making you go, so if you don't want to pay the price, don't go and see it!

  2. Me and my friend (who is also enraged by the decision) have decided we're going to watch the first one to see if it deviates too far and if it's worth seeing the others, but with situations like this it's a bit different.

    As a huge Hobbit fan (I first read the book when I was 8 and re-read it and reviewed it recently) I have been looking forward to this movie since I first heard it was in the works, I have been excited for months and now that December feels so close I had been even more eager until I found out this news. It wasn't like this was the original plan, which I would totally agree with your comment if originally this was the whole idea, but it's not. It's been sprung on the fans. And while many people are happy about it. Quite a few of the hardcore book lovers aren't.

    It's hardly a case of "just don't watch it" when this news has only been released a few months before a movie that people have been eagerly anticipating for years.

  3. 3 Hobbit movies is ridiculous. Idiotic. I was MAD when I found out. I agree, Del Toro would have been much better. I bet he would've made one or two good movies. Nice to know I'm not the only person outraged by this decision.