Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Book Tubers

Do you guys watch book tubers? I used to only watch Sanne or Books and Quills, but she did a video about book tubers a little while back and until then I hadn't realised it was much of a thing on youtube, now I realise it's huge so here's a list of my new found favourite book tubers in no particular order

For the girls we have:
Books and Quills
Just Kiss My Frog
The Book Chronicles
Reading Rhino Press
Kayley Reads
Paper Bookmark
The Readables
Ren Kelly M
Ophelia Dagger

And the boys:
The Boondoogle
Pure Dragon 100

I would give you guys explanations but I just want to use "amazing" and "quirky" in almost everyone one of them so I won't try and describe them but you really should check them out.

Do you guys watch book tubers and are there any you'd like to suggest to me?


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