Sunday, 15 July 2012

First Frost Blog Tour

Author Liz DeJesus has stopped by today for with an excerpt for the First Frost Blog Tour!

They were on the third day of their journey, and Bianca could’ve sworn she heard something in the distance. Terrance stopped to listen, too. It sounded as though an earthquake had grown legs and was running toward them. David gnawed on a smoked piece of venison; he dropped it and stood absolutely still. He too was bothered by the sound he heard. Prince Ferdinand glanced at Terrance. “Did you hear that?” “I’m starting to think that all bad things start with that question,” Ming said. Bianca’s stomach dropped. She was certain that the ground would split open and swallow them whole. David growled. At least Bianca knew she wasn’t losing her mind. The horses reared back and threw their passengers off their backs. They all fell clumsily to the ground and watched as the horses kicked up the dust and dirt off the earth as they vanished into the thick forest. “Crap,” Bianca muttered. “I’m getting kinda tired of being terrified,” Ming said. Terrance tensed. “We need to run and hide…now.” The urgency and fear in his voice didn’t escape Bianca. “Who’s after us?” Bianca asked. “He’s not so much of a who…he’s more of a what.” “What is he?” Ming asked. “Wolf,” he said. “A wolf?” Bianca asked. Terrance nodded. “As in the Big Bad Wolf?” she asked. “Yes.” “Crap,” Bianca and Ming said in unison. Bianca’s mind went a million miles per second as she tried to think of a plan. That was when she remembered the brick in her backpack. “Hang on.” Bianca opened her backpack and found the red brick sitting at the bottom. “What are you doing? Why aren’t we running?” Ming shrieked. “Saving our butts, that’s what I’m doing,” Bianca said. “I swear to God, Bianca, the horses have more sense than we do,” Ming muttered. “Shut up and do as I say,” Bianca ordered. “Not by the hair on my chiny, chin, chin.” Bianca placed the red brick on the ground and took a step back after chanting the spell. The brick trembled and quickly multiplied itself over and over again. It looked as though a small army of invisible hands was building a house at rapid speed. This continued until everyone was standing in front of a large brick house. Bianca opened the door and corralled everyone inside the impenetrable walls of the famous home that belonged to the third little pig. She locked the door behind her and let out a sigh of relief. Hopefully we’ll be safe from whatever is after us. “Wow,” Ming said as she looked around and took everything in. “B?” “Yeah?” “How is a brick house going to stop that giant wolf from squishing us to death?” “This house is indestructible.” “Ooooh…cool,” Ming said. Then the house trembled as though bombs were falling from the sky. Ming screamed and ran to the furthest corner of the house. She covered her head with her hands and muttered several incoherent words. Ferdinand ran to her and held her tight. Ming accepted this bit of comfort and clung to him as though her life depended on it. Bianca walked to the window. She wasn’t sure what to look for, but it was better than rocking herself back and forth in a fetal position while sucking on her thumb. She saw nothing but pine trees and dried up leaves scattered on the ground. She assumed that the wolf Terrance spoke of was currently on the roof wreaking havoc (or at least trying to) on the little brick house. She screamed when a huge yellow-green eye covered her view. “Let me in,” the wolf growled, his voice sounding like rocks falling down a mountain. “No!” Bianca screamed. “I’ll let you have a swift end. Better for me to end your life than the witch,” he snarled. “I said no!” she shouted. “You can’t stay in there forever…even the pigs had to come out at some point,” the wolf said and then chuckled.   Author's Links: Website Facebook Purchase First Frost  

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