Sunday, 1 July 2012

I'm Back! And A Quick Review.

I'm back guys! It's the summer Holiday and I'm back and ready to jump back into blogging again. Time to chill and read ignore the stress that college has been putting me under for the past couple of months. Did you miss me?

Onto the review...

Dark Matter: A Ghost Story by Michelle Paver

1937, London. Jack is poor, lonely and desperate for a change so when he is offered a chance to join an arctic expedition he jumps at the offer. But the arctic summer is brief. As night returns back to the land and the dark creeps in Jack begins to realise something else walks the frozen land outside their little cabin...

What I liked?

The writing style- It was well written and well descriptive without being OVERLY descriptive *cough*Wuthering Heights*cough*. There was enough detail for you to get into the book and start to know the characters. I especially liked it when they were describing the arctic summer. It is in complete contrast to the Artic later on in the book but it sounds so beautiful you almost want to live there during that time. Almost...

You really connect to Jack, the main protagonist. You care about what he cares about, hat what he hates and all the way through deeply worry for his safety.

Isaak. If I ever got a dog I'd want it to be like him.
 What I didn't like?

I didn't not like much, but I was reading this on one of the hottest days this year in the midday sun, in the garden with my family. It was hard to get the sense of cold, dark isolation Jack was feeling when I was close to passing out from the heat.
To buy or not to buy?

Put this book on your Christmas wish list, don't read it in the summer. I imagine in the cold, dreary winter days this book would be incredibly creepy and do exactly what it is supposed to do, scare the living daylights out of you. I just read it in the wrong time of year.


  1. Welcome back, Iona! Hope you're having a lovely summer :)

    Great review too, I've never heard of this book but it does sound like a creepy read perfect for cold winters under the blanket :D

    1. Thanks :) You too.

      I think summer is the best time of year for reading so of course I'm having a great time devouring books.

      And I only heard about it because it came up as a recommendation on Amazon for me. I think it will be prefect for winter. I might have to re-read it then to get the full effect.